Funny Movies from around the World and Pattaya, Thailand

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Dog's revenge See what this tiny dog does to get revenge with another dog.
Mike Tyson Mike Tyson promises to become number one again soon.
Morning breath Witness the horrors of someone having bad morning breath.
President Morph The true reality of the President's image and reputation.
Bad football What if one person is a bad catcher and the other a bad thrower.
Bill Gates Pie See the shocking video of Gates getting hit with a cream pie.
Track Type Discover what type of track it is that they are following.
Computer Damage Learn exactly what the wrong software can do to your computer.
The Cat Attack This small boy is in for a big surprise when the cat attacks.
Skating Together These skaters come together in a whole new, very painful way.
Lost Temper Watch him attack the computer because of an outbreak of rage.
James Bond James Bond may be crafty but isn't going to avoid this injury.
Terrible Health This man may very well have the most serious disease in the world.
Keep Trying This karate expert doesn't have any luck chopping these boards.
Mona Lisa Millions are finally seeing Mona Lisa's expressions and face.
Whining Lamer Ever have annoying people ask for help with their computers?
Slip on the Ice See what happens as these skaters accidentally fall on the ice.
Pool Shark It might not be very smart to play a game of pool with this guy.
Saddam Hussein Hear the reasoning and thoughts of Saddam Hussein.
Computer Rage Watch more computer violence during this man's day at work.
Across the Water See what happens as they try to move something using a boat.
The Race Track Watch one racer get chased on the track by a police officer.
Illegal Operation Witness yet another illegal operation for Microsoft software.
Driving Mistake This car driver makes a mistake that crashes another car.
Here it Comes An entire tree is about to come crashing down from high above.
Too Happy Before this happy, most would assume that he just won the lottery.
The Bird Plane See a plane that is half-plane and half-bird flying through the sky.
Scary Ski Slope This is one dangerous slope for anyone who wants to ski.
Strange Mirror Begin to worry if this happens to your reflection in a mirror.
Bad Management A monster-like manager gets a cartoon employee working again.
Running Late This runner fails to hear the sound that officially begins the race.
Sharp Turns When this car needs to turn, it is unable and crashes into an audience.
Snowman Attack Who says Frosty the Snowman isn't alive and well?
Bulging Eyes Witness this woman's ability to make her eyes pop out of their sockets.
Clown's Fall See what happens when this clown gets pushed too hard by a nearby entertainer.
The Altar Boy Observe this altar boy as he holds his candle and what happens.
Hardware Problems See what happens when they plug in this hardware.
Alien Song This computer-rendered alien is singing and dancing for you.
Gates in Doom Find out what happens when Bill Gates is in the Doom game.
Falling Wrong This "skilled" diver falls into the water on his stomach.
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