Funny Movies from around the World and Pattaya, Thailand

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Trip and Fall Be careful when you are running.
Get a Camera Batteries fail when needed most.
Bring a Wife Here is why he brought his wife.
Safe Landing The opposite of a safe landing.
Computer Plane Witness the first computerized plane.
Huge Pizza See the first dangerous pizza.
Shotgun Computer What we all wish we could do to computers.
Unsafe Dock Don't jump up and down on the end of a weak dock.
Bungee Jumping Check the cord twice before you jump.
Power of Golf Witness the damage done by this golfer.
Tape Workers He tries to tie up this worker with tape.
The Fire Fighter Witness the blunders of this fire fighter.
Great Athlete Swinging on the balls and falling on the floor.
Boat Plane Is this boat a watercraft or an aircraft?
Smooth Landing Who was trying to land this helicopter, and what was he thinking?
Jumping Skills This kid really knows how to jump well.
Bugger Baby The young kid, the baby, and his disgusting manners.
Bike Stunt Watch this man show off on his motorcycle.
Power Plant Watch this hamster try to get the beer.
Driving Stunt Beware of this driver on the roads.
Buy Whoppers What would you pay for the only whopper available on a plane?
Larger Car Look who is laughing when they pull up in this new car.
Crazy Person How can you be calm and dance while you're being investigated?
Xena Bloopers Xena may seem skilled but watch her fall off the horse in this clip.
Bumpy Ride I am thankful that I wasn't flying in this crashing jet fighter.
Playing Ball He misses the ball and then falls into the backyard pool.
Armed Robbery Watch this criminal shoot himself in the foot with his gun.
Hiding Out This athlete decides to take a break, jumping out from the field.
Skater Collide Two skaters crash into one another; this must have been painful.
Swing Harder This man falls off the swing and flys directly into the flow of traffic.
Stage Jumping He jumps off the stage, but no one decides to catch him when he falls.
Your Shadow This clumsy man crushes a table during his talk with friends.
Voice Activation See the voice activated cellular phone.
Hit by a Car More shocking than funny, a speeding car hits this man.
Flying Car This car travels so fast that it lifts off of the ground and flys.
Short Trip This plane has a short trip before it smashes directly into a car.
Flying Cat There's no need to rescue this cat; it appears that he can fly.
Bad Athlete This athlete must be suffering from back pain even today.
Beach Fall This boy falls on his face in the sand while running after a board.
Spilling Juice He spills juice on his face, because he is too short to reach the glass.
Prince Charles Stag Party The Queen dances for Prince Charles at his stag party.
Don't ever get this drunk Don't ever get this drunk.
Kissing Test Kissing Test.
Yorkshire Airlines Yorkshire Airlines.

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