Funny Movies from around the World and Pattaya, Thailand

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New Television This shows you when to buy a larger television.
Stupid Biker This biker comes down the hill too fast and on dangerous terrain.
Biker's Fight These bikers begin to fight after being pushed by others.
Baseball Bird One bird unfortunately flew in the path of a baseball.
Beach Boaters These boaters take their boats out of the ocean and onto the beach.
Anchor Falls Watch what happens when this tugboat comes close to this ship.
Moving Cargo This man is moving cargo off of his boat and suddenly slips.
Jog to Exercise After jogging, this man decides to stretch near his car.
Week's Faces The cycle and faces of the week's days for the average employee.
Strong Dog Let a weaker person hold a strong dog, and you've got trouble.
Tight Security I have heard of tight security, but this business is going too far!
Good Jumper This boy tried to run quickly and jump into the pool in his yard.
Ringing Bells In this clip, you would think everyone was a trained boxer.
Jumping High These young "athletes" attempt to jump over a nearby rope.
Sneezing Soda This Japanese man suddenly sneezes out his favorite soda.
At The Races Two cars at a race end up crashing into one another at a high speed.
Soar in the Sky This probably wasn't this woman's idea of fun in the air.
Land Safely This unfortunate pilot landed into not onto the carrier.
Going Boating When watching boats, you will think twice about front row seats.
Eating Pizza Who could possibly imagine that eating pizza would be this difficult?
Basketball Game Watch what happens during this intense basketball game.
The Yellow Card It seems as though this yellow card gets people angry.
Skinny Athlete This skinny athlete tries to leap through a wall.
Aircraft's Power They've exaggerated this aircraft demonstration.
On the Camera Elvis is in town, and this guy has his camera ready.
Different Sports Bowling is fun, but some people like hockey better.
Touch My Hat Don't touch this woman's hat, or you'll be in trouble.
Ruining Tires Imagine how quickly you could ruin a tire doing this.
Great Athlete What happens when you aren't good at throwing a pole.
Broken Arm Here's one good reason why you shouldn't use skateboards.
Painting Wrong Think before doing, or you'll be in trouble.
Dancing Bridge Witness a dancing bridge only seen during earthquakes.
Going Biking Biking is good exercise, but this is plain dangerous.
Don't Worry Two planes crash, but don't worry -- the pilots ejected.
Need for Electric Electric is a miracle and a life saver for some of us.
Bad to Bike This bus and this biker happen to meet in the road.
Going Skiing Skiing is fun until you fall down in the snow.
Stupid People Some people are really stupid; watch this man with his fan.
Scared Cat This cat gets the scare of his life when he falls off a shelf.
Call Off Work Lies can get you into trouble.
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